Annnnd here’s why you should never burglarize a photo booth

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Common sense should tell you that you should never burglarize anything, especially a photo booth.

But one man in Batavia, Illinois is accused of just that, after he was literally "caught on film."

The photo booth is designed to start snapping photos when it senses that that someone is tampering with the cash drawer.

Police say the photo booth burglar got away with $75 and caused another $75 in damage after prying open the machine, but the crime could cost the suspect much more than a few surprise selfies.

The burglary happened at Funway Amusements in Batavia, about 40 miles west of Chicago.

The Batavia police department posted these pictures of the alleged heist on its Facebook page.

If you recognize this man, please give officers a call at (630)454-2500.