Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant worked as sideline photographer during Super Bowl 50

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OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s not uncommon to wonder how your life would be different if you chose a different career path.

For Kevin Durant, he got a chance to trade places for one day.

Instead of being in the spotlight on the court, he was sitting on the sidelines of the Super Bowl as a member of the press.

“When I was invited by The Players’ Tribune and the NFL to be a credentialed photographer on the sidelines during the Super Bowl, I said, ‘I’ll do it’ before they even finished their question. Seriously, that’s a dream offer,” Durant wrote in his article for The Players Tribune. “I can see the irony of ‘Kevin Durant is a member of the media for a day.’ But I had the time of my life taking sideline photos for the night. I’ve got a lot of interests outside of basketball and one of them is doing things I haven’t done before, like stepping into the shoes of a photographer and learning about what it’s all about.”

Photo provided by the Players Tribune

Photo provided by the Players’ Tribune

Durant said that he was hoping his height would give him an advantage, but said that he learned just how difficult sports photography really is.

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