Deer Creek fire threatens homes 

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CREEK, Okla. - It was another day of high fire danger in the state.

Tuesday afternoon, winds kicked into high gear, and flames really took off and spread very fast.

With Bob Moore Chopper 4 over the scene, we saw the flames touching backyard fences at one point.

Neighbors in that area said they feel lucky to have a place to sleep tonight.

"We were homeschooling today, so they thought that was cool they could see that," said Kristina Small, a Deer Creek homeowner. "Then, I started seeing more and more smoke."

Small was home with her four girls, when a fire began ripping in the area just north of her home along 164th and Meridian.

"By the time I came back out and looked out the back window, I just saw the cedar trees. When they start going up, it makes big flames," Small said. "It was right at the fence, and I grabbed all four kids and I said, 'Okay, we're leaving. Lets go now.'"

Small was on the phone with her dad who was watching it unfold live on NewsChannel 4.

"I was talking to my dad on the phone who said he was watching the live news and said, 'Yeah, I see your house,'" Small said.

Other neighbors had no idea it was that close.

"There was nothing but black smoke above the house, and I couldn't tell how close it was at that point. It was dark," said Donnita Dagg.

People living in the neighborhood were unsure if their homes would survive.

"I drove here as fast as I could, because the dog was in the house, and I had to get him out of there," Dagg said.

A close call that served a life lesson for these young home-schooled students.

"We made a good lesson out of it and said, 'See, girls, this is a good lesson on: you never mess around with fire because, one second, it looked like it was far away and, the next second, it was like almost in our backyard," Small said.

Crews said about 50 acres burned this afternoon.

No word yet on what caused the fires.