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Families upset after being caught off guard by Super Bowl ad

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NEW YORK – While watching the Super Bowl, many families expect the funny, the sentimental and even the strange to come from advertisers during commercial breaks.

However, many New York families say they were caught off guard by an ad from Colonial Williamsburg.

The advertisement used a montage of American history in reverse to express how far the country has come in the last 100 years.

Some of the images include pioneers on the Plains, images of war and even the Wright brothers on their first flight.

“When you reflect upon our sacrifices, our breakthroughs and yes, our heartbreaks,” narrator Tom Brokaw says.

At that point, the burning Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are shown in reverse, assembling back into place.

“It was very difficult to watch,” Patricia Reilly told WPIX.¬†

Reilly lost her sister, Lorraine Lee, during the terrorist attacks in 2001.

“It’s just too close in history to watch that and not have real pain and real impact from having to see those images,” she said.

A spokesperson for Colonial Williamsburg says the company is standing by the ad, adding that “the past must be remembered if we are to succeed as a nation.”