Oklahoma 4-year-old wants a home outside of a hospital

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It was a magical day for 4-year-old Romello at Oklahoma Children's Theatre.

He's been under DHS custody since he was born and now spends his time at a rehabilitation hospital to care for his special needs.

"We like to call him mellow Romello, because he's pretty mellow. He kind of has an old soul about him. He likes old music and likes to do things his own way," said Matt Harder, a special needs teacher.

He requires a lot of care, but his teacher says he's fun to be around.

"He does music therapy, and he really interacts well with them and responds to any kind of music they do with them," he said.

His favorite music is classical and soft lullabies.

He's nonverbal but has other ways to communicate.

"He'll look at you, or he'll vocalize like he's doing right now," Harder said.

Romello needs a loving family to grow, which is difficult living in a hospital.

"He just needs someone to take care of him, be there with him, take him to different places. He enjoys getting out and interacting with other people," Harder said.

One important point: an adoptive parent isn't left to take care of Romello alone.

"Physical therapy and occupational therapy do a great job of setting up what you would need at your home, whether it's home bathing equipment or different physical therapy things," Harder said.

Mutually beneficial for parents and for a child who just wants someone to love him.

If you want to adopt Romello, call 405-767-2955.

Visit www.okdhs.org for more information on adopting a child.