Father of the bride goes missing during daughter’s wedding celebration

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WALNUT GROVE, Calif. – Durga Moparti’s wedding day should have been the happiest day of her life.

However, she says the celebration quickly turned into a massive search when her father was nowhere to be found.

Moparti says she knew something was wrong when her father, Prasad Moparti, arrived from India for her wedding.

“It sounded like he was a little depressed and he wanted to go back to India,” she told KOVR.

“For the last few days, he’s a little bit, I’m not sure what the reasons, but he’s not doing well,” Rajesh Gutta, Durga’s new husband, said.

As the family was celebrating the couple after the ceremony, Prasad Moparti told Gutta that he wanted to go for a short walk.

Hours later, the family says he never came back to the reception and hasn’t been seen since.

Neighbors say they saw Moparti walking toward a nearby bridge, but didn’t see him afterward.

Now, the newlyweds are holding out hope that he is found safe. They have postponed their honeymoon until they know what happened to Moparti.

“My dad missing is the only thing going on in my head right now, nothing else,” Durga Moparti said.

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