“I can’t feel my body,” Teen recovering after being shot in the neck

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WOODWARD, Okla. - An accident last year changed Kinzie Eisenbise's life forever.

Eisenbise says she was visiting a friend's house when she was accidentally shot in the neck with a shotgun.

"[It] went down my collarbone, and I lost my right lung," she said. "After I got shot, I remember falling down and saying, 'Call my grandma, I can't feel my body.' And that's the last thing."

Eisenbise was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

"Shock. Sometimes I still think this is a bad dream," Christy Eisenbise, Kinzie's mother, said.

After undergoing multiple surgeries, she is on the road to recovery.

While she is counting down the days until she can finally go home, Kinzie is visited weekly by Whiskey, a 7-year-old therapy dog.

"Even if she's been in a bad mood, when Whiskey comes, then it makes her happy," Christy Eisenbise said.

"It's been really difficult for her to adapt to all of this and so some degree of normalcy has been good,” Dr. Steven Couch, neurodevelopmental pediatrician at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, said.

While a visit from a four-legged friend helps lift her spirits, doctors say Whiskey is also helping to improve her motor skills.

Kinzie is expected to go home at the end of this month.

Christy Eisenbise says the shooting is still under investigation.