Indoor skydiving now available in Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Attention thrill seekers, there’s a new adventure in the metro.

Oklahomans can experience the illusion of skydiving in a safe and controlled environment.

"It allows you to be the superhero you've always dreamed to be," said Tony Cancemi, general manager of iFly OKC.

The thrill is centered around a massive wind tunnel.

"We have two wind speed engines that are going to basically circulate the air. Starts up above our heads, circulates the air up then back up from our feet, so it's a constant steady stream of air, which is safe," said Cancemi

That wind power makes it possible for people of all ages to experience the feeling of defying gravity.

 "It's the ability to deliver the dream of flight to everyone," said Cancemi.

There are four safety commands that make it easy for you to fly too, hand motions to let you know when to straighten your legs, bend your legs and relax the body.

"The nice thing is with our instructors and the way our tunnel is set, you're only flying about four or five feet off the ground, so there's really nothing to be afraid of," said Cancemi.

Once you have those commands down and with the help of safety instructors, you're ready to fly.

"Something new for Oklahoma City. We're glad to be part of the development and the continuous growth that Oklahoma City has seen," said Cancemi.

This is the 17th iFly facility in the United States.

Flight packages include safety training, gear and flight time.

For first time flyers, packages start around $70.00.