Man allegedly shot, killed dog after losing $5 in card game

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LORAIN, Ohio - A man is facing several charges after allegedly shooting and killing a dog over a card game.

Authorities say Ricardo Johnson was at his cousin's home for a baby shower when he and other men at the party decided to play a card game.

According to FOX 8, Johnson became enraged after losing $5 during the game, so he went downstairs and grabbed a gun from his car.

Police say Johnson pointed the gun at the man who won the money. When the man refused to hand over the cash, Johnson allegedly fired four to five shots into a dog cage, hitting the family's dog, Diablo, several times.

Investigators say there was an 8-year-old girl sleeping in a bedroom above where the shooting happened.

Johnson led police on a short pursuit but was eventually arrested.

Johnson is facing charges of aggravated menacing, weapons under disability, child endangerment, discharge of a firearm on prohibited premises and prohibitions concerning companion animals.

Diablo was taken to a vet and had to be euthanized.