Man arrested after allegedly stabbing pregnant girlfriend because baby was ‘a mistake,’ ‘evil’

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CAMBY, Ind. - An Indiana man is facing charges after allegedly stabbing his pregnant girlfriend several times in an attempt to harm their unborn child.

Authorities arrested 23-year-old Garret Carpenter after the violent attack.

Carpenter's girlfriend, who is eight months pregnant, told investigators that he was acting "very strange," adding that he had been using methamphetamine and heroin in the days before the attack.

According to WXIN, Carpenter asked for a "hug and a kiss," then "grabbed a machete from inside the bedroom and began attempting to stab her in the abdomen."

However, he was holding the machete backwards and was trying to stab her with the handle. He then grabbed a Bible and a box cutter, court documents allege.

The victim said Carpenter claimed "this baby was evil and was a mistake."

Carpenter faces charges of attempted murder, aggravated battery, criminal confinement, domestic battery and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

The victim and the child are expected to be okay.