Act of compassion: Veterinarian goes above and beyond to comfort scared dog

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ELBERTON, Ga. – Most veterinarians have a love for animals, but one veterinarian is winning hearts for his compassion toward a struggling dog.

Dr. Andy Mathis says someone called the Granite Hills Animal Care facility to report a stray dog on a country road.

When the caller brought the dog to the center, Mathis learned she was emaciated, starved, dehydrated, hypothermic, anemic and suffering from a vaginal prolapse.

“I posted on Facebook for advice: I told my friends, ‘Y’all, I need your advice. Practical me says I should put her to sleep, but veterinarian me wants to try and give her a chance,” he told NBC News. 

Overwhelmingly, Mathis’ Facebook followers told him to try and save her.

Graycie underwent surgery, but she still wasn’t very comfortable around people.

Mathis began updating his followers on her progress and even posting videos of her healing.

However, one video captured everyone’s attention.

The video shows Mathis in Graycie’s cage eating with her.

The video was shared and liked thousands of times, with many people asking if Graycie is available for adoption.

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