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Chickasha officials want to rid park of growing flocks of geese

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CHICKASHA, Okla. - You could call it a "mild" goose chase.

Chickasha officials are hoping to rid Shannon Springs Park of a growing goose population by gently nudging them to leave.

City officials said there are too many geese, and it has led to a mess that needs to be cleaned up.

"One of the major problems with the geese is they eat the grass down to the dirt," said Chickasha City Manager Alan Guard.

The geese's grazing has led to unsightly erosion problems not to mention a mess on walking paths.

"There's been times when you can't even find a place to walk because of the feces," said park patron Debi McPherson.

But, not all park-goers would agree that the birds are bothersome.

"My kids play with them every year and feed them," said one park visitor. "We fish here, you know. The grand kids, we love it here."

It's not that city officials in Chickasha don't like the geese, they have just worn out their welcome.

The plan is to round them up, first by cutting off their food supply.

"We're going to put up some signage to ask people: 'Please, do not feed the geese,'" Guard said. "If they stop getting their food source, that's one way to discourage them from being here."

City officials hope to gently nudge the geese to move on out.

"We're actually going to try to scare the geese out of the park using air horns or loud noises and just kind of harass them and ask them to move on very politely," Guard said.

Chickasha officials hope to steer the geese toward Lake Chickasha since they have had luck moving the birds there before.

Most folks we talked to think the geese will just come right back to the park they currently call home.

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