Family members credit roadside blessing with saving woman’s life

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OGDEN, Utah - A woman is fighting for her life after a horrific car accident.

Now, her mother is crediting a blessing with helping her daughter survive.

On Monday afternoon, 29-year-old Jessica Bingham was driving on I-15 when she lost control of her car. Witnesses say her red SUV rolled at least six times before crashing into the median.

Family members tell KSTU that Bingham was thrown 50 feet in the air and went across the barrier.

Danny Paniagua stopped his car just seconds after the crash.

"I felt prompted to get out of my car and park and run over and see what happened," Paniagua said. "She wasn't moving but her eyes were moving, people were crouched around her and I saw tiny bits of movement."

As many people called 911, one man asked Bingham if she wanted a priesthood blessing.

"We performed the blessing, it was a pretty incredible moment," he said.

"I think any prayer in any religion, anything being sent out to the universe, whatever you believe in, works," Denice Okey, Bingham's mother told KSTU.

Bingham was rushed to an area hospital in critical condition.

Now, Okey credits that blessing and the Good Samaritans with keeping her daughter alive.

"Even the doctors don't know why she doesn't have a broken neck or spine," she said.