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OSBI: Gun license applications have more than doubled in recent months

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OKLAHOMA - Wilshire Gun said business is booming, and guns have been flying off the shelves.

Trainers said, since December, their classes have been full of people eager to learn how to use a gun.

The OSBI said, during the last week of November in 2015, it received 604 gun carry license applications.

Two months later, that number more than doubled to over 1,400 and, with the number still on the rise, the first week of February saw more than 1,700 applicants.

"We were looking at maybe 15 to 17 people on the Wednesday/Thursday classes," said Kevin Maxfield with Wilshire Gun. "Every Wednesday/Thursday class, we've had in the last couple months has been full to capacity at 30 people."

Students told us they feel a sudden need to arm themselves.

"Just so much going on in the streets and out in the city with people getting robbed and shot," said Michael Chess.

"I felt like it was important not only to make sure that I can protect myself but my family and do it legally," said Markis Chess.

"It's the second amendment, and it's something that I can exercise in my great home of Oklahoma," said Dalton Castor.

The reason for the increase is not exactly known.

"I tell everybody in my classes it’s better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it," Maxfield said.

The staggering increase comes on the heels of a rash of letters written by a number of Oklahoma sheriff’s encouraging citizens to arm themselves, which is a scary thought for some.

"The more firearms there are in an area, the more uncomfortable I tend to be in that place," said Elizabeth Sidler.

To get your gun license, you have to be 21.

You are then required to go through eight hours of training.

About six of those hours are spent in the classroom and the other two on the range.

If you pass the tests and your background check, then you can legally carry a gun.

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