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Beachgoers kill a baby dolphin when they pull it from the ocean to take selfies

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An endangered baby dolphin has lost its life - all for the sake of a selfie.

Beachgoers at a Bueno Aires resort in Argentina found the baby Franciscan dolphin swimming with an older sibling in shallow water.

Instead of pushing them out into deeper water, they chose to pull them onto the beach and pass them around for pictures.

The baby dolphin died in the hands of the selfie-seeking tourists, who then left its body behind on the beach.

This species of dolphin can only be out of the water for a short time due to its thick, greasy skin, which makes them prone to overheating.

Experts say the baby most likely died of dehydration and mishandling.

The Facebook pictures are now causing international outrage, with several commenters calling the tourists "morons," "evil," and "a waste of oxygen."

Franciscan dolphins are one of the smallest dolphins in the world, only growing to about five feet long, and are only found in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

According to Gizmodo, only 30,000 Franciscan dolphins remain in the wild.

And now, there is one fewer, all for a selfie that has left no one smiling.

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