Canadian County warning residents about “fairly sophisticated scam”

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CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. - Residents are being warned about a "fairly sophisticated scam."

The Canadian County Sheriff's Office said it has learned of a financial scam targeting residents within the county limits.

The scam usually arrives through U.S. mail in an official looking envelope.

The letter contains the name of the resident, a notice number, a contact phone number and an outstanding indebtedness amount.

“The eagle at the top. That's like a U.S. government-type emblem. I mean, it looks very official,” said Undersheriff Chris West.

A Yukon man notified deputies about the letter.

"Fortunately, we received a telephone call from a Canadian County resident who doesn't possess any credit card debt telling us he believed he was contacted by a financial scammer," West said.

The citizen said he called the number and spoke with a person who said they would do everything they could help him catch up on his debt, including accepting half of what was owed or taking monthly payments.

Police said whoever is behind it is trying to con people out of thousands of dollars.

“The letter says that he owes $22,000 dollars, but then it suggests, 'If you'll call us, we'll settle for $11,000 or, if you want to set up monthly payments, we can do that for $340 a month,'” West said.

On the letter is an address to working website.

Not only that, but a working phone number is listed.

NewsChannel 4 tested it, and two different women hung up on us.

The sheriff's office is encouraging everyone to be cautious and always contact their local law enforcement agency if they believe they were scammed.

"It's likely these letters aren't isolated to Canadian County residents, so we're working with state officials to investigate the matter and protect all Oklahomans from becoming victimized," West said.

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