Edmond School redistricting passed by board

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EDMOND, Okla. - Monday's Edmond School redistricting vote was the final move, in a months long process.

Edmond School's new district boundaries

Edmond School's new district boundaries

Dozens of parents turned out, watching the proposal pass 4-1.

Prior to the vote, two parents stood before the board, to voice concerns on the new map.

Ed Moore, an Edmond grandparent, spoke out on the importance of children attending local schools.

"I think they didn't really consider local schools and the priority that should be placed on local schools," explained

Edmond School redistricting regulations

Edmond School redistricting regulations

The new district lines are all due, to the new Heartland Middle School, set to open next year.

"We've had to do this, because we're a fast growth district," said Bret Towne, Edmond Schools Superintendent.

The map was a culmination of compromise, amongst a group of parents, teachers, and administrators.

Board leaders did tweak the map though, due to public feedback.

Sequoyah Middle School's zone did grow a fraction, taking away land from the

Edmond School redistricting regulations

Edmond School redistricting regulations

Central Middle School zone, to allow a small number of kids to stay closer to home.

"I remember this parent talking about it at the first forum," said Towne. "This was one that sort of made some sense."

The plan will go into effect next year. Current junior or high school students will be given the option to complete their careers at their current school, instead of moving.

School officials handed out regulations to parents, to help clear up any confusion: