“She just had a lot of nerve,” Store manager asking public for help following grocery store theft

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A local grocery store is asking the public for help following a bold theft.

A woman, who looked like she was shopping, ended up leaving the store with hundreds of dollars in groceries.

It happened at Otwell’s Food Store in northeast Oklahoma City.

The crime was caught on the store's security cameras.

Store manager Joe Donaruma say the woman walked in Sunday afternoon and didn’t waste much time.

“She filled her basket with all the items that you see empty here. She grabbed several briskets, steaks, chicken,” said Donaruma. “She packed everything into bags and she went around the office and out the exit door instead of going to the checkout lanes. A customer brought it to our attention and by the time we got out there, it was too late. She was already in her truck and gone.”

He says this is a tough loss for a locally-owned grocery store.

“We give a lot back to the community. We work with people; pregnant mothers don’t have diapers, we help them out with that. We try to give back,” he said.

That’s why he's hoping the community will help before the alleged thief targets another business.

“She just had a lot of nerve because she came in, she had a plan and she knew what she was doing. When she walked out the door, she didn’t look back to see if anyone was following her. She just made a beeline for her truck and she was done,” he said.

Donaruma estimates the loss at around $500.

“She didn’t even look back. She knew what she was doing. She’s done it before there is no doubt in my mind,” he said.

He says they expect to take a loss sometimes, just not on this level.  The store has filed a police report with the Oklahoma City Police Department.