Oklahoma couple expecting twins talks about finding out babies would have to fight to survive

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OKLAHOMA - A life-threatening, rare diagnosis. A couple excited to be expecting twins finds out their babies would have to fight to survive.

Ella and Paige Bailey, at almost four months old, have already faced a huge battle.

“Every day was just kind of we felt on edge,” Sally Bailey, their mom, said.

A rare diagnosis before they were even born, something called Twin to Twin Transfusion Sequence.

Heartbreaking for their parents to accept, so they turn to prayer.

“Literally people all over the world started praying over our girls,” Sally said.

Tonight at 10 p.m., the struggle to keep them alive.

“We thought we're not going to have our little girl. This beautiful, amazing child isn't going to come home,” Sally said.

Plus, the risky surgery doctors said the girls would need and the miraculous turn of events their parents still cannot believe.

Tonight at 10 on News Channel 4.