Old eyesores being transformed into new businesses in Midtown

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Some old eyesores in Midtown are getting ready for a makeover.

Kayla Baker, a developer with Northline Development, says there are plans to bring the beauty back to some of the older buildings in the area.

Swanson’s Tire Shop is being transformed into a Mexican restaurant, which is set to open this summer.

An old garage that is in the heart of Midtown is prime real estate for developers.

“There’s transmissions, tons of auto parts, and you can even see part of the sky in some areas,” Baker said.

It hasn’t been opened in nearly 20 years.

“It’s been sitting here vacant for years and even some of the windows have been blown out from the bombing and they’re still boarded up from that time,” Baker said. “We talked with the seller about other property that he had and that’s kind of what started the conversation and then we found out that he had this and we were like, ‘You own the building? We love that building.’ We were like, ‘Please sell it to us.”

 Baker and her partner say they have no plans to demolish the building.

“We will want it to have that character of being old or just being restored,” Baker said.

They estimate it will take them months to get the items out of the 1920s garage.

“Get some restaurants in here and make it this amazing spot that it should be and has the potential to be,” Baker said.