Peep-hole, graphic images found inside porta potty near Lake Hefner Trails

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A peep-hole and graphic images were discovered inside a porta potty near a popular park  in northwest Oklahoma City.

Hidden behind wooden posts is a restroom for people who need a break while at Stars & Stripes park along the Lake Hefner Trails.

However, the porta potty contained graphic images that include sexual references involving minors.

There is also a hole cut into its side.

"Porta pottys, for some reason, seem to be an opportunity for people who are very mischievous to go out and vandalize or otherwise destroy," said Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock, with the Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department.

City officials said they get several calls a year regarding damage to these mobile bathrooms.

"Simple graffiti. We've had calls before about people who have dumped the porta pottys over and in one instance I can recall, they actually dumped it into a lake," said McClintock.

The acts of vandalism ultimately cost all of us.

"Every time one is damaged, anytime one is destroyed, it's the parks department through the taxpayer's dollars that have to pay for that," said McClintock.

With more than 150 parks and 621 square miles of land, Oklahoma City leaders hope residents report anything disturbing or damaged so they can fix or replace it.

"We rely upon the public to be our eyes and ears in the community. If they see something suspicious that is happening in action, call 911," said McClintock.

Oklahoma City officials worked with porta potty contractors, adding that the damaged porta potty was replaced.