District proposes making condoms available to middle school students

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Parents of middle schoolers in San Francisco are furious about a new proposal by the district’s school board.

“We have to sign a consent form for them to go on a field trip, but we don’t need to know if they’re getting a condom?” one parent told KGO.

The San Francisco Unified School Board voted unanimously to make condoms available to students if they want them.

However, parents believe the district is sending the wrong message.

“We’re talking about between 11 and 14-years-old. And they are not ready for it, so I don’t think this is appropriate,” said Nikkie Ho.

District officials say students could only get condoms after a consultation with a school nurse.

However, parents wouldn’t be alerted.

“We don’t see the kind of sexualized images and videos that our children are exposed to. And these kids are starting younger and younger every single day, so I believe giving them condoms is a preventable measure,” said Daisy Ozin, a teacher in the district.

District officials say five percent of middle school students are sexually active, but only half of those kids are using protection.

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