Wild hogs spotted “all over the metro”

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OKLAHOMA - As the number of wild hogs skyrockets across our state, they've now reportedly set their sights on the city lights.

The feral swine numbers continue to swell.

Though the mammals may not be native to Oklahoma, over the years, they've become a nuisance no one can ignore.

"Many years ago, wild hogs were just found in southeast Oklahoma," said Micah Holmes with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. "Over the last 20-30 years, they've spread throughout the state."

Problem is they breed like rabbits, eat like pigs and are now spreading into the metro.

"They're just encroaching upon the metro areas," said Kevin Grant with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. "Oh, [sightings], all over the metro."

In fact, just Wednesday morning, a young feral swine was spotted dead near Memorial and MacArthur.

"Any wildlife is going to want to go where there's food and water," Holmes said. "Unfortunately, that can be close to where people live."

Make no mistake about it though, if they choose your lawn for their dinner, you'll know.

"You've got a nice manicured lawn, you wake up the next morning, it looks like someone got out there with a rototiller," Grant said.

"It looks like a rototiller's gone through there," Holmes said. "Because they're rooting up areas looking for grubs and worms."

While hogs in the country can be handled in a number of ways, including hunting, dealing with hogs in the metro is a tad messier.

But, with help from the Department of Agriculture, you could soon send these pigs packing.

"We could either have a specialist come out and assess the situation," Grant said. "It could be fencing. It could be trapping. It could be a combination of things."

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