Court rules University of Oklahoma football player Joe Mixon video is not a court record

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Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman ruled the video involving University of Oklahoma football player Joe Mixon was not a court record and stays in the custody of the City of Norman.

Through open records requests, Norman Police showed the video to several members of the media in September 2014.

An appeals court ruled the video is considered public record and must be released on Monday.

Since the video was shown in court, the video must be considered court record, meaning any member of the public should have access to the video for inspection or copying purposes.

“If this had come out in the beginning when everybody asked for it would probably all be over now,” S. Douglas Dodd, OAB’s Attorney, said. “The important thing about this fight is to make sure that records that are supposed to be open public records remain open public records.”

When it came to releasing the video, the City of Norman refused to make it public.

The City of Norman argued there are several reasons it did not release copies.

One, the law before November 2014 did not require officials to.

Secondly, Mixon was never arrested and the video belongs to Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe.

“The issue for the city really has to do with following what our understanding of the law is and it has a lot to do with the police department’s articulated concern regarding seizing private property and then distributing it in mass,” Rick Knighton, Norman’s City Attorney, said.

Many lawmakers said the City of Norman didn’t abide by the law when refusing to make the video public.

Several media outlets filed a lawsuit against the city, requesting the video be released to the public.

Last year, Balkman dismissed the case saying that since the video was shown to members of the media, the city fulfilled its duty.

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