“It seems like she just disappeared,” Detectives say woman seemingly vanished without a trace

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MEQUON, Wis. - Detectives are calling it one of the strangest cases they've ever encountered.

A Wisconsin woman has been missing for more than three  months.

“It seems like she just disappeared," Detective Cory Polishinski told KFOR affiliate WITI.

Jacquelyn Ranallo was last seen on November 18th.

Jackie started off the day visiting her mother at an assisted living home.

About six minutes after she signed out, she texted her friend about a license plate he might like, WITI reports.

That was the last known contact she had with anyone.

Investigators say Jackie was on her computer that night and checked her e-mail around 10:51 p.m.

That was her final digital footprint.

About 68 hours later, on the evening of Nov. 21st, her friend, Melissa Frank, got worried about Jackie when she didn't show up for dinner.

"She was going to be coming over here for dinner. She didn't show up -- and she's never late," Frank told WITI.

After calling Jackie, she decided to go to her house to see if she was there.

“I walked up to the house and the outside breezeway door at the driveway was open. I banged on all the doors, and the lights weren't on. And as I walked into the breezeway, I saw her car was in the garage. And that's when this all started," Frank said.

Jackie was nowhere to be found.

Investigators searched her house looking for clues.

“It didn't look like anything was missing," Detective O'Connell said.

There was no sign of a struggle.

Christmas presents cluttered the kitchen table and a couple of days worth of mail was found in the mail box.

Her suitcase, coat, computer, and cell phone were all in the house, WITI reports.

Officials say the only thing they found that seemed out of the ordinary was a reciprocating saw, which her friends say she would not have owned.

There is also no record of her buying it.

According to WITI, another interesting thing investigators discovered was that Jackie's home alarm was turned off on Nov. 18th.

It was not turned back on when the house was last locked.

While there's no sign of struggle, the fact her alarm system wasn't on may indicate she wasn't the one who locked up the house.

The doors were dead-bolted, but the key is missing.

Jackie's car key and storage locker key were still on the key ring, but her house key was missing.

“This is definitely a mystery,” says Detective Polishinski.

Investigators searched through Jackie's phone logs and financial records, but found nothing unusual.

Detectives say they have interviewed more than two dozen people, including the last person known to be in Jackie's house and the last person with whom she communicated.

According to WITI, the last person to have communicated with Jackie left Wisconsin for Ohio the day after Jackie was last seen.

He says he went to Ohio on business.

While he told WITI that he thinks "there could be some strange explanation, and that she could be OK," he refused to talk with the news station on camera about Jackie's disappearance.

So far, detectives have no leads and say they are keeping all options open.

“I don't know what happened to Jacquelyn. I'm taking it very personal now. Our goal is to get Jacquelyn home,"  says Detective O’Connell.

There's a $15,000 reward for information that helps find her.

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