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“It’s really exciting,” Oklahomans turn out in droves for marathon of campaign rallies

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OKLAHOMA - The rallies Friday for Donald Trump and Marco Rubio were the first in a four-day marathon of rallies in Oklahoma.

There’s something about this election year that has Oklahoma voters energized.

“If I was old enough, I’d vote for him,” said Kai Crouch.

Teens not even old enough to vote showed up Friday to rallies for Trump and Rubio.

“We might be re-electing one of these, so we just want to prepared and know,” said Lauren Pearl.

Kai and Rick Crouch drove from Tulsa to grab the first spot in line to see Donald Trump.

Kai was on a mission to get his picture with Trump autographed.

“I’m in a stocks and bonds class at school, so it’s interested me - money and politics,” Kai said.

“It’s just really cool, because a lot of people are really getting into politics this year, like myself,” said Carter Methvin.

Methvin was one of hundreds who lined up early to get into Rubio’s rally.

First-time voters are concerned about issues and the direction the country is going.

“It’s an important election, and a lot of things, like supreme court judges being replaced, a lot of big issues coming up to the supreme court,” said Ryan Land.

The Democrats have a lot at stake on Super Tuesday too, as both campaigns make stop in the Sooner State this weekend.

“I think it’s really exciting, and i think it’s a kind of a sense among democrats that maybe their vote matters a little more,” said Clinton campaign spokesperson Nicole McAfee.

Both parties told us a lot of their volunteers this year are young voters.

A lot of people are taking advantage of early voting.

In Oklahoma County, about 3,000 people have already cast their votes.

Early voting ends Saturday at 2 p.m.