Mother and son allegedly attack deputies at courthouse

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GARFIELD COUNTY, Okla. - A mother and son are accused of attacking officers while in the Garfield County courthouse.

Stacy Sizemore and her son, Chance Sizemore-Foster, were arrested Monday.

"It does cause me some discouragement," said Sheriff Jerry Niles.

The fight started right before Chance’s court appearance.

Deputies said his mom tried to make contact with him, which is not allowed.

"I told him to stop, to move on and he informed me that I was a 'blank blank pig that eats donuts,' and I said, 'That's fine,'" said Deputy Ralph Davis.

Deputies said Chance then became even more hostile and began fighting them.

A few witnesses rushed over to help.

"Started spitting on them, kicking and fighting them along with me," Davis said.

Soon after, the undersheriff jumped in.

"While our subject was head-butting one of the PD officers, I reached in to grab him," said Undersheriff Rick Fagan.

Instead, he grabbed the sharp end of the handcuffs and split his finger open.

"They were on him at the time, and I was just trying to get him under control," Fagan said.

Officers said, after mom got in the way, she was taken into custody.

She then allegedly assaulted a female deputy.

Meanwhile, the fight continued with Chase.

Deputies said he kicked windows during the ride back to the jail and made startling threats.

According to an affidavit, at one point, he said “all cops should die.”

On the way to his cell, another scuffle ensued, and that is when a deputy pulled ligaments in his knee.

A little banged up, all the deputies are back to work.

The sheriff’s office wanted to thank the civilians who stepped in to help them during the altercation.

The sheriff said the local paper posted a story about what happened on social media, and people wrote threatening comments on the post.

Those people may face charges.