Mother mourns after losing 2-year-old son, boyfriend, brother in Virginia tornado

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WAVERLY, Va. -- A Virginia woman is still in shock after losing her brother, boyfriend and two-year-old son Wednesday, when an EF-1 tornado wiped out her trailer in Waverly, Virginia.

Trenicka Stringfield told KFOR sister station WTVR that she was inside her trailer with her son Ian, her brother Devine, and her boyfriend Larry, when the wind started blowing and the lights started to flicker.

“It started blowing again and it didn’t stop,” Stringfield said .

She says the terror felt like it only lasted 10 seconds.

“I closed my eyes and just started praying. I called on the name of Jesus,” she said.

Stringfield woke up about 300 yards away behind a local church.

She immediately started looking for her 2-year-old son.

"I called out, but he didn't answer," Stringfield told WTVR.

Unfortunately, Ian didn't survive the tornado.

She says her son was running through the hallways right before the storm hit.

“He loved his mom and he was a decision maker,” Stringfield said of her little boy. “He was a man amongst men in a young man’s body. He liked to work on things so I’m pretty sure he would have had a lot of trades or gifts as a grown man. That’s my baby.”

Stringfield's boyfriend Larry Turner, 50, and brother Devine Stringfield, 26, were also killed.

“I love Larry and I hope everything work out for him. I love my son and Dee (Devine) as well,” she added.

She told the local news station that she wishes her family would have taken shelter before the storm hit.

Stringfield has two other children who were at school at the time of the tornado.

She has set up a GoFundMe page, hoping to raise enough money to bury her son and help re-establish a home for her and her two children.

My name is Trenika Stringfield and I am the mother,sister, girlfriend who tragically lost my family members in the Tornado that struck in Waverly, VA.  I am raising funds to assist with providing my son a homegoing celebration of his life as well I need assistance with re-establishing my home, as  we lost everything during the tornado.  Any donation will be greatly appreciated and I want to Thank each of you for your generous donation and your continued prayers for my family.