Oklahoma meter-reader fired after allegedly fabricating numbers

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Water from a faucet

TULSA, Okla. – Residents in one Tulsa neighborhood were in shock recently after receiving their water bills.

City leaders say a water-meter reader was fired after investigators learned that they didn’t actually read water meters for at least six months.

Instead, that worker was simply making up consumption numbers for homes.

Authorities told the Tulsa World that readings for about 155 households in the Ridge Pointe neighborhood were fabricated.

When employees went back and actually read the numbers, some residents were stunned.

According to the Tulsa World, several of the homes benefited during the made-up meter readings. When actual readings were entered in January, some homes saw their bills skyrocket, increasing more than 30 times their normal bill.

City Councilor Anna America said some residents saw their water consumption go from 3,000 gallons a month to 90,000 gallons in January.

Now, the residents in that neighborhood are having the balance on their accounts spread across the next year so they aren’t forced to pay all at once.