Women connected to several optometrist thefts in the Oklahoma City metro, dance studio in Dallas

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - Three women walked into Jones Eyecare in Midwest City on Feb. 17, but it was not to get an eye checkup.

It was to look for cash.

"So, they came in to make an appointment or, at least, that's what we thought,” said Terra Archer, an employee of Jones Eyecare.

The surveillance video captures two of the women distracting the workers while the other heads to find the goods.

"The other one said, 'I'm going to use the restroom' and didn't even ask. I mean, just went back," Archer said.

The third suspect sits down acting like a patient while people walk by.

Then, she goes to the doctor's office and leaves with her wallet.

"I even made the comment that they were nice. It just happened so fast, and I didn't know that we are even being conned," Archer said.

The office is in a busy complex - one of the reasons police believe the suspects chose to rob the location.

"They are targeting areas that are close to major box stores where they can go buy expensive electronics and then sell those or put them on the Internet," said Kyle Crusoe, Midwest City Police detective.

The suspects went next door to Target and racked up a $4,000 credit card bill buying iPads.

The doctor's wallet was later recovered at a metro gas station.

Police believe the same women hit at least two other doctor's clinics in the metro and a dance studio in Dallas.

"There's been other occurrences in Oklahoma City or acres and also the Dallas area.They're pretty brazen. They come in, and they don't have anything covered over their face. They enter a public area going to a doctor’s office," Crusoe said.

Archer is hoping someone will recognize the suspects.

“They're taking from more than just a business. You're taking from their families and the people they love and care for, and I hope they get caught," Archer said.

Police are looking for a 2008 to 2015 Chevy Malibu dark in color unknown license plate.