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Hobby Lobby founder endorses candidates, has tough words for Trump

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The founder of a popular craft store has endorsed a Republican candidate for president.

On Sunday, Hobby Lobby Founder and CEO David Green endorsed Marco Rubio.

“Our family business that we began with $600 has quite possibly been more successful than Mr. Trump’s, but that doesn’t make either of us qualified to be president. And unlike Mr. Trump, we give all the credit to God. Marco Rubio has impressed us with his preparation and the way he carries himself. But most importantly, Marco regularly exhibits humility and gives the glory to God. Humility is what brings success. I don’t see humility in Mr. Trump, and that scares me to death. I want a president that my kids, my grandkids and my great-grandkids can emulate. In Marco Rubio, I see a man who has achieved great things from humble beginnings, but gives the glory to God, where it belongs. I see a man who is prepared to be president, and someone I would be proud for my children to emulate. I will be voting for Marco Rubio on Tuesday and I encourage my fellow Oklahomans to do the same,” Green said in a statement.

Hobby Lobby, which is headquartered in Oklahoma City, made headlines in 2014 after fighting the federal government about providing contraception to employees.

Hobby Lobby said it does not want to provide their employees Plan B, or the “morning after” pill, which the company’s owners say is the same as abortion.

The Supreme Court eventually ruled that a business, like Hobby Lobby, has a right to religious freedom.

Marco Rubio will be coming back to the Sooner State ahead of Super Tuesday.

Rubio announced that he will be at Putnam City North High School on Monday evening.

Doors open at 5 p.m. and the event will begin at 6 p.m.

Each guest is required to RSVP.