Oklahoma chooses Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz in primary election

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OKLAHOMA CITY – All of the votes have been tallied and Oklahoma chose Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz in the primary election.

In the Democratic race, initial numbers indicated that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were in a tight-knit race.

However, as more votes were tallied, Sanders jumped to take the lead by double digits.

Democrat primary results in Oklahoma

Democrat primary results in Oklahoma

Sanders received 174,054 votes, which is 51.87% of the vote.

Clinton received 139,338 votes, which is putting her at 41.52% of the vote.

In the Republican race, Ted Cruz landed a victory in Oklahoma.

Republican primary results in Oklahoma

Republican primary results in Oklahoma

Cruz received 157,941 votes, earning him 34.37% of the vote.

Trump received 130,141 votes for 28.32% of the vote.

Marco Rubio follows with 119,562 votes and 26.02% of the vote.

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According to delegate rules in Oklahoma, any candidate who surpasses 50 percent of the total vote is awarded all the statewide at-large delegates. Otherwise, the delegates are awarded proportionally to candidates who receive 15 percent of the vote.

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