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Geary, OK plumber’s job and hobby couldn’t be more different but they’re still next door to each other

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GEARY, OKLAHOMA -- If you need a hole dug anywhere near Geary.

If you have a plugged drain or a broken pipe, Donald 'Ducky' Reding is your man.

As the town's only plumbers Ducky and his son stay busy.

But over the past few years the elder Reding has had a little more time to pick up a thread he dropped more than 50 years ago.


"I'm going pretty good at it," he boasts. "I just keep a'goin."

You shouldn't let his re-discovered hobby surprise you.

Ducky learned to stitch long before he ever got his nickname.

"I used to talk like Donald Duck," he chuckles. "Then I lost my teeth and I couldn't do than any more."

His mom taught him, then let him start making stuff.

"They had to have lamps," he recalls, "because they didn't have electricity in the house. She just sat with me and told me what to do, and had me go from there."

He wasn't sure he would be able to pick it back up, but it didn't take long.

Reding says, "I can watch television and crochet at the same time because it just comes right to me. It's so easy."

These days he goes through more yarn than pipe.

Ducky got so good at crocheting he had to do something.

"I had so much junk (crochet) around here I had to do something to get rid of it," he says.

An empty storefront next to his plumbing supply business held the answer.

The shelves are full at 118 Main Street and at 116 now too.

On a tour of Ducky's Crochet, open now for about 8 months, a visitor asks, "What all do you have in here?"

Ducky responds, "Oh. Just about anything you might want to mention."

Ducky feels comfortable in both worlds.

He's able to lay pipe or pull stitches, able to hold everything his life together with long stretches of multi-colored yarn.

Reding Plumbing and Supply is open weekdays 10 to 4.

Ducky's Crochet is open when the man himself is available to show you his wares.