Little boy with infectious laugh ready for family to care for his special needs

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NORMAN, Okla. - A little boy with an infectious laugh is ready for a family that will care for his special needs.

We took Kaiden to dig for dinosaurs at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History in Norman.

He's a quick little 7-year-old with an infectious laugh.

The 7-year-old boy enjoyed trying his hand at archaeology and digging for ancient artifacts.

"He's very adventurous. He's very fun. He likes to explore. He will keep you busy," said Chassie Everett, Kaiden’s caseworker.

Kaiden is very social and loves music, especially Taylor Swift.

He also loves to stay active.

"He loves being outside, just staying busy,” Everett said.

Kaiden was placed in DHS custody four years ago.

Since then, his life has changed for the better.

"He's developed and grown a lot. Just physically, emotionally, everything," Everett said.

That's because he goes to occupational speech and physical therapy.

"They worked with the way he eats and what kind of food he can have."

His therapists are one reason he isn't wheelchair bound.

"Yes, he can walk now. When he came into custody, he just kind of scooted, kind of jumped around like you saw. Now, he's up and walking."

This 7-year-old boy needs a family to love him unconditionally and care for his special needs.

"He requires someone probably with a two-parent household just in order to keep up with him, someone with a structured environment. He's used to a certain schedule, and he's really good with a schedule," Everett said.

Kaiden needs a loving family who can help him on his next new adventure.

If you want to adopt Kaiden, call 405-767-2955.

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