Police: 2 people shot at Bethany apartment complex

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BETHANY, Okla. - Residents in Bethany were concerned Tuesday as police searched the area for a shooting suspect.

"That makes you just want to go home and just lock your kids up and not let them go out until they find whoever the perpetrators are," Brian Bossem, a resident said.

Around 3 p.m. on Tuesday, gunshots rang out at an apartment complex near N.W. 31st and MacArthur Blvd.

"I walked outside and I see just cops start swarming in here. I saw rifles," Hunter Thephachanh, a witness said.

Chief Phil Cole, with the Bethany Police Department, said two groups of people were shooting at each other outside the apartments.

When they arrived, they found two young Hispanic males suffering from gunshot wounds inside a home.

Authorities say one was shot in arm and the other was hit multiple times.

"I saw a kid walk out of the house or an apartment shot in the shoulder, but I didn't know if there was anyone else, but someone got pulled out with the chair," Thephachanh told NewsChannel 4.

Police say the victims were conscious when they were rushed to a hospital.

Investigators say they don't know what led up to the shooting, but say drugs were found in the apartment.

"We're hoping to get more information from the victims at the hospital. Due to their medical conditions, of course, we didn't press that here," Cole said.

Authorities say one person is in custody at this time.

Police arrested Joseph Ronald Sharp II, 26.

He is facing several charges including Robbery with a Firearm and two counts of Shooting with Intent to Kill.

Officers say after the shooting Sharp ran to a nearby store to use a payphone.

They say clerks heard the suspect description on the news and he matched it so they called 911.

The victim's identities have not been released.