Video shows woman trapped outside barely surviving a tornado

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LOUISIANA — A Louisiana woman is alive after weathering a tornado without shelter.

Kyra Johnson managed to survive winds hitting 140 miles per hour while hanging on for dear life. Johnson had just finished her FedEX deliveries to Sagona’s Hardware back area.

Video from the hardware store captured Johnson coming up to the doors only noticing they are locked. Johnson then stopped to shoot a video of the sky with her smartphone.

“I had never seen the sky swirl so pretty, it was gray, but it was pretty so the first thing you think, ‘let me tape it I want to show people,'” she said.

Johnson claims she so fixated on filming the sky with her smartphone, she never noticed the tornado. Two minutes later, the tornado was right above her.

“I just braced myself right here between the Coke machine and I wasn’t even holding on, it was just to brace myself,” she said.

Johnson knows there no words to adequately expressed the video or how she survived the tornado.

“God! There’s no explaining it, God because after I seen the video, I didn’t know what it really looked like, I just figured I was in a tornado,” she said.