Will Rogers World Airport builds $36.2 million new rental center

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Travelers to Oklahoma City will have an easier way to get around town once landing at Will Rogers World Airport.

Beginning Wednesday morning, nine rental car companies that service the airport will operate out of one location.

"The demand for rental cars for travelers coming to the city was just growing year after year, and we needed a facility to accommodate that need," said Karen Carney, spokesperson for Will Rogers World Airport.

Will Rogers World Airport officials said 20 percent of travelers coming into Oklahoma City rented a car last year, meaning vehicles were rented about 300,000 times in 2015.

The rental cars were all stored in the parking garage, taking up about 400 parking spaces that would otherwise go to travelers.

Now, the airport designed a $36.2 million facility to help those travelers who need to rent a car.

There will be about eight buses shuttling customers to the rental car facility.

The facility is located about 3.5 minutes away, but airport officials said they have found a way to minimize the wait time.

"They will be conducting what we call a bump and run, which means, as soon as one bus pulls out, another pulls in, so this means there will always be a bus waiting," Carney said.

All of the companies are switching over starting at midnight on Wednesday morning.

However, those who return a vehicle on Tuesday will still go to the older facility.