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“I did almost certainly die,” Norman police officer helps save shooting victim with special bandage

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NORMAN, Okla. - A shooting victim with a 95 percent chance of dying survives.

Now, he is thanking a Norman police officer who helped save his life.

Sgt. Marcus Savage said he was able to suppress the victim’s bleeding with a special bandage that was recently put in every Norman officer’s car.

The shooting victim did not want to show his face on camera for safety reasons but told us about his remarkable recovery.

“I did almost certainly die,” he said.

One week after being shot in the neck, he is back on both feet.

“My whole body - I could barely move it whenever I woke up and now, it's about a week later, and I've gotten, I can walk half the time without a walker,” the shooting victim said.

Faint memories of the sound of gunfire still haunt his thoughts.

“I barely felt it, and then I fell down to the ground.”

Savage responded and knew he had to act fast.

“He was trying to breathe at the time, so I knew he was still there,” Savage said.

Savage took an Israeli bandage and started wrapping the wound.

“Whenever I would try to talk to him, he would focus on me for a little bit. The only thing he said was: 'Jesus,'” Savage said.

“When I said 'Jesus,' that's when I knew I was going to die,” the victim said.

He said, thanks to God, the bandage and the work of Savage he is here to share his story.

“I just try to do the best I possibly can every single day,” Savage said. “I come to work, and I'm just trying to be just as good as the guy next to me.”

“Sgt. Savage wouldn't consider himself a hero, but I would tell you I think Sgt. Savage in many ways is a hero,” said Capt. Todd Gibson.

With a second change, the survivor said he is giving his life back to God.

His family is now saluting the officer.

“I can't give enough thanks for what he did, for being there,” the victim’s father said.

“Since I was shot, I think of this as a new life," the survivor said. "I'm like a week old now."

Just a week ago, the victim was half paralyzed.

He said he will continue physical therapy for some time.