Former Stage Center property will turn into a temporary construction storage area and park

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OKLAHOMA CITY - What was supposed to be luxurious high-rise buildings has now become an ugly crater of dirt in downtown Oklahoma City.

Stage Center was torn down two years ago to make the new OG&E headquarters, but that was recently put on hold due to the economy.

City Councilwoman Meg Salyer got a phone call Tuesday about the new plans.

"We talked about the basketball court downtown and see if there might be something on the temporary basis to bring some energy and excitement to that corner downtown, so I was surprised and, I have to admit, disappointed," Salyer said.

Disappointed because the southeast corner of the lot owned by OG&E will now be a temporary home to construction offices for the 499 project across the street.

"They asked us if they could have a portion of that space, and we're happy to be the good neighbor and help them with that," said Director of Public Affairs Randy Swanson.

It could be a year and a half until the construction equipment is moved.

"There's a misconception that there's going to be a bunch of heavy equipment coming and going. It's just going to be a trailer for their offices. Probably some cars to park there for the crew," Swanson said.

The rest of the space will be used to create a temporary park.

 "We'll be rolling in sod. We'll make the entire place a green space. We'll bring in park benches plant a few more trees," Swanson said.

Right now, there is no long-term plan for what will happen to the property.

OG&E said they will wait until they find the best viable option for the prime real estate.

OG&E is looking at all options whether that means selling the land or keeping it for future development.

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