“I just feel really betrayed,” Holtzclaw victim upset over earlier complaint

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OKLAHOMA - A new twist in the Daniel Holtzclaw civil lawsuit.

Attorneys representing several victims said the Oklahoma City Police Department failed to look into an earlier report of sexual assault by the former officer.

It involved a woman named Demetria Campbell who filed a complaint in November of 2013.

“I just feel really betrayed because this could have been prevented if they would have done their job when it happened to the first lady,” said Jannie Ligons.

Standing with their attorneys, Ligons and Shandayreon Hill said they are in disbelief after learning of a complaint made against Holtzclaw by Campbell.

“On November 5, 2013, Ms. Demetria Campbell was the first victim of sexual assault by this serial rapist with a badge,” said Benjamin Crump, attorney.

Campbell filed a lawsuit that claims Holtzclaw slammed her face and head against a brick wall and pressed his himself against her backside.

Allegations that Hill said should have been investigated.

She claims she was raped by Holtzclaw a month later.

“I've always felt in my heart that I wasn't the first victim, and now this proves that there was someone before me,” Hill said.

Hill's mother attended the press conference and said she’s angry and wants answers.

“If they would have taken time out to investigate, my daughter would have never been raped,” said Latonya James.

Hill and Ligons are now part of a civil lawsuit with five other victims.

That lawsuit was amended to include information about Campbell’s accusations.

“Why there is no report filed, why there was no follow up and why there was no prosecution - I think that for the city to answer that,” said Melvin Hall, attorney.

But, Oklahoma City police said there was an investigation into Campbell’s claims.

“At the time that she was interviewed, she did not make any allegations whatsoever involving any kind of inappropriate sexual contact between her and Daniel Holtzclaw,” said Capt. Paco Balderrama, Oklahoma Police Department.

Police said they investigated Campbell’s complaint that Holtzclaw handled her too roughly.

“We did look into the use of force accusation. Had there been an allegation of sexual misconduct, we could have looked at it back then, but the fact remains there was not,” he said.

Police found the amount of force used against Campbell was appropriate.

But, the allegation is still a key part of a civil lawsuit against the city of Oklahoma City and several police department employees.

“They knew exactly who he (Holtzclaw) was. They knew his identity because she disclosed it to him, and they did nothing,” Crump said.

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