“I’d like to tell her she’s a horrible person,” Neighbor arrested on arson charges for apartment fire

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An apartment unit was destroyed and another was damaged after a fire was intentionally set in southwest Oklahoma City.

Police have arrested one person in connection to the fire, who apparently admitted to setting the blaze.

Residents at the apartment complex near SW 58th St. and Blackwelder are upset.

"We could've died," said Goldie Whisenhunt.

It's a fire too close to home and their neighbor, 42-year-old Denise Hopkins, is accused of intentionally setting it.

"I'd like to tell her she's a horrible person," Whisenhunt said. "I mean, who does that?"

It was a frantic scene late Monday night.

When crews got to the scene, heavy flames were coming from the second story unit.

"Most of the apartments around it were evacuated," said District Chief Chris Black with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

Thankfully, crews were able to put out the fire before the flames could spread to surrounding units.

However, Paul Williams’ apartment does have smoke and water damage.

"A lot of smoke, you could barely see the front door. From the back room to the front door, you couldn't see, so you just had to get low and get out of there real fast,"  Williams said. "To wake up and all this going on, you know, it's just kind of concerning. It's a real concern. You don't know what happened or why.”

Other neighbors we talked to off-camera said, while the fire was burning, Hopkins was seen smiling and dancing.

Williams wants the suspect held accountable.

"Someone has to take responsibility for this," Williams said. "I just hope that we can go back into the apartments soon."

One resident suffered minor cuts from glass.

Police said Hopkins was arrested on arson charges, but there is no word on a motive.

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