Metro family business becomes target of vandals, thieves

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OKLAHOMA CITY - York’s TV & Appliance served metro customers for three decades.

They closed the doors to their store at 3101 N. May about seven years ago and have been the target of thieves and vandals ever since.

“Lots of people have passed through those doors,” said Yvonne York.  “We just sort of raised our boys here. They all worked here.”

The building holds fond memories.

But, crime is slowly taking those over.

All of the copper wiring in the building has been taken.

“The furnace has been disabled. The air conditioning has been taken," York said. "And, we just, you know, we’re devastated."

Windows have been broken.

In fact, York and her husband, Ray, just swept up all the broken glass this past weekend.

And, within one day, there was more.

Both doors have been smashed.

And, there’s even evidence that people have been making the building their home.

“They just used it for a home!" York said. "They just moved in, crawled through the windows. Clothes are strewn over there."

York had to go before city council Tuesday morning because the property had been reported as a nuisance, an unsecured structure.

She assured council members, they’re on it.

“It’s going to be repaired," York said. "And, it’s going to shine again."

The Yorks have the boards ready to go up over the broken windows.

They’re painting the boards white to make it look nicer.

And, in the meantime, they’re searching for the perfect person to either buy or lease the building - someone they hope will contribute to the community, like they did for so long.

“I would just like to see anything that’s a good Christian family owned business," York said. "That’s what I would like to see, even another appliance store!”

The city council gave the Yorks two weeks to finish boarding up the front of the business.

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