“Immediately, he was gasping for air,” Baby’s common cold turned into life-threatening infection

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Dallin is a happy and healthy baby now, but he was fighting for his life just seven months ago.

"He went from being: 'Huh, is something wrong?' to, immediately, he was gasping for air, and he just got really cold and I knew, from that moment, we needed to get him to the hospital," said Brittany Spitler.

Brittany and Austin Spitler took their son straight to the emergency room and didn't leave for a month.

Doctors said a common cold had turned into a blood infection.

"At one point, we thought we were going to have to go to St. Louis for a heart transplant,” Brittany said. “We were put on the donor list, and we're packing our bags to fly out, and it was just an amazing miracle."

For 10 days, Dallin had a pump connecting to an artery.

"It would pull all of the blood out of his body, filter it and then put it back in, and it did that for 10 days," Brittany said.

Luckily, he has made an almost full recovery.

The family credits 36 blood donors for saving his life.

Now, the Oklahoma Blood Institute is looking for more life-saving volunteers.

"With Spring Break next week, we're very concerned that we'll see a decline in blood donors," said Leslie Gamble, with the Oklahoma Blood Institute.

That's why OBI is hosting a blood drive at all of their locations Thursday and Friday.

And, the Spitlers want everyone to know how thankful they are.

"I think about the only reason he's here: is because the help from the donors," Austin said.

Click here for more information on donating blood at the 'Renew Life' event March 10 and 11.

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