Deputies: 14-year-old girl possibly abducted after father’s burned body found in Texas

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KATY, Texas – Authorities are searching for a 14-year-old girl who may be in serious danger.

Police say Adriana Coronado was last seen Saturday and was supposed to host a party at her Katy apartment.

However, she never returned any of her friends’ calls.

“We are like, something’s wrong because she’s always on her phone,” Eduardo Revuelta, a friend, said. “Why wouldn’t she¬†answer us?”

Three days later, deputies discovered the body of Adriana’s father, Caesar Vladimir Coronado.

Walker County Sheriff’s officials told KHOU that Coronado’s body was found burned on a rural property in Madisonville. More than 48 miles away, his pickup was found burned.

Investigators believe Adriana was with Coronado at the time of his murder and believe she may have been abducted.

Adriana’s mother told KHOU that Coronado did not have any enemies and has no idea who would take Adriana.