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Man charged after road rage attack was caught on camera

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SWATARA TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A Pennsylvania man is facing charges of assault after a road rage incident was caught on camera.

In the video, Norman Habecker can be seen punching the window of a man's car, cursing at the driver and pulling on the car's door handle.

Habecker told FOX 43 that the other driver sideswiped his car. He says he got out and calmly asked the driver to pull over, but the man took off.

At that point, he says he followed the man and wanted to intimidate him.

However, experts say that is not the way to deal with an accident.

"If you think somebody has done something to you and has caused damage to your vehicle, stop, take pictures of your vehicle, show what the damage is, and then contact the police. Get the license plate of the car, but don't go engage them," said Fritzi Schreffler, a spokesperson for Penn DOT.

Police have now charged Habecker with simple assault.