Oklahoma woman facing charges after allegedly stealing from her mother, nephew

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro woman and her boyfriend are in jail, accused of exploiting the woman's own mother.

Nikki Pandora Frazier, 31, is facing 10 charges, according to court documents.

Frazier is accused of taking multiple checkbooks from her mother, withdrawing money and even using her mom's personal information and credit cards to apply for and receive services without her mother's permission.

Randolph Ingram, Frazier's boyfriend, is also charged in the case.

According to court records, Ingram and Frazier obtained counterfeit checks made payable to both of them.

Frazier is also accused of taking money from her 21-year-old nephew, who has autism.

While Frazier's mother would not talk on camera, she was emotional, saying it is hard to turn her daughter in but necessary to stop what was happening.

Police records show Frazier admitted to taking checkbooks from her mother and to forging at least one check.

Sadly, senior experts said it's a common crime.

“About 90-percent of elder abuse and financial abuse is caused by family members, whether it's their kids or their grandkids or their spouse,” said Jim Miller, Savvy Senior columnist.

Miller said cases like this often go unreported because of the family aspect.

“It's difficult to do because of the emotional attachment. They feel guilty but, for it to stop, in many cases, you need to report it,” he said.

Frazier is charged with two counts of exploitation of the elderly or disabled, four counts of concealing stolen property, larceny, identity theft and uttering a forged instrument.

She and Ingram are both charged with possession of forged/counterfeit instruments.

Frazier is now being held in the Oklahoma County Jail on a $48,000 bond.