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A Place To Call Home: Tyler gets a glimpse inside 4 Warn Storm Center

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OKLAHOMA CITY - For this week's 'A Place To Call Home,' we invited Tyler into our own home here at the KFOR studios.

He got a lesson in meteorology by one of our best on the team.

"Welcome to our weather center," said Aaron Brackett, meteorologist for KFOR.

“Nice to meet you," Tyler responded.

"Thanks for stopping by," Brackett said. "Pretty cool, huh? A lot going on."

Tyler's 15, and he got an up close look at a career in meteorology.

"Let's put you right here. Stand right here. And, then, turn around and face me," Brackett said. "So, this is actually one of the camera shots we use."

The 4 Warn Storm Center is a busy place during storm season, but Brackett enjoyed taking some time to show Tyler what it takes to give the forecast.

"I'm going to hand you the magical clicker. This is what we use to go from slide to slide," Brackett said. "You're going to look right over there, and do you see that camera with the red light right there? See yourself?"

"Yeah," Tyler said.

The weather wall wasn't what dominated all of Tyler's attention though.

"That is the 4 Warn Dominator. Look at that," Brackett said.

"That's crazy!" Tyler said.

"The car originally weighed about 5,000," Brackett said. "Now, this weighs 11,000 pounds, and I think you would look awesome sitting inside of it."

Tyler was eager and engaged the entire time - always with a smile on his face.

The young man loves adventure.

In fact, he's also an athlete in the Special Olympics.

"What do you play in the Special Olympics?" asked reporter Lacey Lett.

"Softball," Tyler said.

The house manager at the group home where Tyler lives said he's always helping with chores and cooking.

"He's helpful. He's very polite. He's really good at getting to know new people, meeting new people. 'Yes, sir. No, sir. Yes, ma'am. No, maa'm,'" said Deon Johnson.

And, Tyler is always positive.

"I've taken him to church with me multiple times, and my family loves him, because he's a genuine kid," Johnson said.

The easy going teen doesn't care if he lives in a single parent or two-parent household.

He just wants a family.

"I think, if he had a mom, a dad, he would strive [sic] and siblings he could be around every day, he would just blossom," Johnson said.

At his group home, Tyler gets a glimpse of what it's like living siblings.

"But, it's just not the same as a family setting. And, when he goes home with me, he gets in that family setting, I mean, he's constantly smiling," Johnson said. "If you don't have that love and that support, then you don't really know what it is."

And, everyone who knows Tyler wants him to experience his own family and his own place to call home.

If you want to adopt Tyler, call 405-767-2955.

Visit www.okdhs.org for more information on adopting a child.