Father says he tried to sound alarm before ex-wife killed their 5-year-old son

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DENVER - Authorities say a mother killed her 5-year-old son before killing herself.  The boy's father said it never should have happened.

Ken Kreuscher, the 5-year-old boy's father, told KFOR sister station KDVR that he sought a restraining order against the boy's mother, Sara Atkinson, and had court documentation of the mother's erratic actions.

He claims Atkinson was becoming increasingly paranoid, not taking medications and was more violent toward the child, KDVR reports.

Yet, Kreuscher says no one intervened.

"Just erratic mental illness everywhere and no one really helped me,” Kreuscher said. “And I'm here because I don't want this to happen to anybody else. It's not right what they did.”

In early March, Atkinson drove her 5-year-old son, Kenny Kreuscher to Montana.

On March 5th, police say Atkinson shot Kenny in the head while he slept before killing herself.

"Got there two hours after he died,” Kreuscher told KDVR. "He fought for his life for over 12 hours.”

Kreuscher said he had been fighting to save his son since he and Atkinson broke up a few years ago.

“I've been telling everyone in court this was a possibility that this would happen,” Kreuscher said.

Days before Kenny was killed, Kreuscher recorded video of his son talking about how his mother had punched him.

Kenny: "She punched me like that”

Kreuscher: “Who punched you?”

Kenny: “Mommy.”

Kreuscher: “Why?”

Kenny: “I hit her. I hit her too.”

Kreuscher: “You hit her?”

Kenny: “Yeah, first. I hit her, right like that -- smack.”

"I saw a huge mark recently on Kenny. He told me his mom punched him,” Kreuscher said. “I filed a report.”

When a case worker from child protection services came to visit him, Kreuscher says she was unhelpful.

"She stood in front of me and pointed at my closet and said, ‘Unless your kid's being stuck in a closet every day or beaten every day, I'm not going to do anything about it, and if you call back, if I hear back from you about this kind of stuff, I'm going to take him from you and her," Kreuscher said.

Denver Human Services says they are investigating.

"The loss of this child is an absolute tragedy for this family, their loved ones and friends, and for our community and agency. We are working to understand the circumstances surrounding this horrible act," Denver Human Services said in a statement.

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