Irish heritage and elbow grease gave the Tuohy family a perfect place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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WAUKOMIS, OKLAHOMA -- On a dreary night when locals might warn travelers to 'stay off the moor', a golden light and cheery fiddle invites friends to stop in for a pint and a laugh.

Welcome to Shawn Tuohy's Irish Pub, a little place he and his wife Vickie built from a back yard shed and car port to look just light the places they've visited many times in the old country.

"It's just a quirky building," smiles Shawn.

"We had been in some really cool pubs," says Vickie of their many trips to Ireland.

"We'd been in some pubs that, I remember writing a post card to a friend of mine, these are pubs that you would either see Bilbo Baggins walking out of or Sam Adams."

In 1893 a certain Micheal Tuohy, the eldest of 12 children, came to New York from County Clare, Ireland.

He and an army buddy had a successful bar until Prohibition hit.

"It was on the corner of 13th and Cherry Streets down by the Williamsburg Bridge," recalls Mike Tuohy Jr.

He came to Oklahoma to attend college on the GI Bill and stayed.

"I was overcome by inertia," jokes Mike.

Shawn is the third generation, steeped in Irish lore, who's visited Ireland and the old family homestead many times.

He brought back a few items, and a vision for this little, family gathering place.

"That's what it's for," says Vickie, "so we get together and share fun."

It took a few years to complete.

Shawn's father Mike jokes that he had a lot of help.

"I think Vickie did most of it," he chuckles.

For the past few years, this spot in the Tuohy's rural back yard near Waukomis has become the place for holidays and family gatherings.

Shawn's big brother Kevin wishes he'd get invited more often.

"That's probably about 6 times a year," he laughs.

The Tuohy's eldest daughter was born on St. Patrick's Day.

Brother Kevin got married in Ireland on a March 17th.

And so, they'll celebrate again on this famous day in their own 'wee bit' of Ireland.

County Clare in County Garfield.

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