Program brings weapons into classrooms to teach gun safety

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COLORADO CITY, Colo. – When guns are found in a middle school, it is usually a scary situation for parents.

However, parents were pleased with a new kind of show-and-tell demonstration that brought guns into their children’s classrooms.

“We’re teaching them about the firearms so they are familiar with them, they can be safe with them,” said Jim Heath, the program coordinator for Project Appleseed.

The program brought a variety of guns to Craver Middle School to teach students how to fire weapons accurately and safely.

“I think that it’s better for them to have a respect for it [and] know how to handle it,” Heath told KOAA. “Not that they should, but that they are aware about the firearm. It’s not, ‘Oh, what’s this? What can we do with this?”

KOAA says students will spend the entire day at a gun range firing the weapons they learned about on Tuesday.

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